About Scott Farms

Scott Farms is a specialty, gourmet, health food business. We also do custom gift baskets, gift boxes, and gift bags. Scott Farms was established in 1983.

Scott Farms is a family run specialty gourmet food and gift business. Top selling items include dip mixes, tortilla soup, enchilada soup, potato soup, cheddar-broccoli soup, chili seasoning, meat seasoning, bean seasoning, mulling & wassail seasoning, Christmas cards with seasoning, gift boxes, gift packs, and related gift items. New items include the rubs & marinades. We specialize in convenient and easy to use recipes that taste great. We developed all our own recipes over a period of time since 1983. Our family has been in the farming business since the early 1900's. Customer service and your ability to talk to a friendly member instead of a machine is our goal. We also do many craft shows and festivals where we sample and sell our products. We also have several specialty gift shops that sell our products. For information on shops in your specific area contact us by phone at 1-800-482-1950 or email scottfarms@scottfarms.net. Larry & JoAnna Scott